Slip and Fall Injuries

How can I collect when I’m injured by a fall?

Slip and fall injuries can range from the simple sprained ankle or abrasion, to broken legs, herniated disks, and closed head injuries.

It is important to identify whether safety codes were violated which led to your injury.  These rules include building codes, fire codes, sanitary codes or other safety regulations designed to keep you safe.

Attorney McMaster will review your case and give you an honest assessment of your situation.  There are a number of factors that need to be considered in order to determine the success of your claim.

Successful Cases:

A Fall on Snow and Ice

The client was visiting a relative at a condominium complex.  The client got out of her vehicle and immediately fell, causing her to fracture her wrist.  The condominium management company violated the Massachusetts Sanitary Code which required them to remove snow and ice to make the property Safe for tenants and visitors.  The Sanitary Code includes a list of Safety Rules that are designed to keep people Safe on the property.  The condominium association denied it was their job to keep the driveway clean. After Attorney McMaster conducted many depositions and made use of expert testimony, the management company accepted responsibility for the injury.

A Fall Down Poorly Constructed Stairs

The client, a police officer, was descending a set of exterior stairs in an apartment building and fell to the bottom.  The stairs were recently re-built and violated the existing building code.  The State Building Code is a set of rules for the Safe construction of stairs (in this case) to make them Safe for tenants and visitors.  The client suffered severe injuries as a result of the fall and underwent three surgeries.  The client never fully recovered and lost his career.  Attorney McMaster settled the case successfully after it was demonstrated that there were numerous and serious violations of the building code making the stairs unsafe.

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